How well do you know your bible?

This week, I started an exciting new study programme in Oxford – the South Central Ministry Training Course (MTC). MTC aims to serve local churches by equipping church members and workers to handle and teach the Bible, as well as grow in their own discipleship of Christ. As a youth group leader and occasional preacher, I’ve […]

Christmas by your rules…?

House of Fraser say “live life by your rules”, but is that what Christmas teaches? In some ways, yes… This year, House of Fraser threw their hat into the Christmas advert ring with a somewhat raunchy and vitriolic message about fierce independence. If you can stomach it, watch it here. The advert is based around […]

The Waiting Game (Part 2)

In The Waiting Game Part 1, we looked at Moses and those 40 years he spent tending sheep in the hills of Midian. All that while, God was putting his plan into place. He was going to deliver Israel from the hands of the Egyptians, and he was going to use Moses to do it. […]

The Waiting Game (Part 1)

Do you ever think about Moses? I do – quite a lot in fact. Remember the story? Moses, living a life of privilege in Egypt, blows his gasket one day and kills an Egyptian. Word gets out, Moses panics and flees to Midian. He comes to the rescue of some young ladies, whose father is […]